The German rivals are joining the list of luxury automakers exploring subscription models as they try to figure out the future of car ownership #8211; and whether such plans will be profitable over time.

At the upcoming NADA convention in Las Vegas, you can expect to find the Trumpchi GS8 nestled in a corner of the North convention hall, just past the booth for Two Hats Ranch. Don't be fooled by its modest surroundings.

Ford looked to be leading the way toward making aluminum the industry standard for automakers trying to cut weight and improve fuel economy #8212; but nobody followed.

New and redesigned crossovers should get BMW's U.S. sales growing again in 2018, BMW Group finance chief Nicolas Peter said.

Japan-brand sales in China are booming -- and helping them offset the slowdown in the U.S.

Sesi Motors sets up personalized websites for customers of its three dealerships as a way to enhance customer retention, by communicating service schedules and more.

This Issue's Headlines:

Justices Weigh Overtime for Car Service Advisers

NADA, in addition to filing an amicus brief, has actively supported the dealers in this case and has worked closely with them in preparing their arguments. Along with the dealers, NADA eagerly awaits the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling, which is expected before July.

Trump Administration Losing Patience Over NAFTA Talks, Report Says

The Trump administration wants to see serious counteroffers to U.S. demands like tightening content requirements for cars.

14 Automakers List More Models in Takata Recall U.S. safety regulators have released models from 14 different automakers that are being recalled to replace potentially deadly Takata air bag inflators.
PSA to Tap GM Expertise in Return to U.S. Teaser here
Automakers Considering Creating Cars That Cater to Uber, Lyft Drivers Teaser here
The Unlikely Technology Helping Autonomous Cars See Teaser here
NADA Seminar: Advanced Parts Management -- Feb. 19-23 in Tysons, Va. Teaser here
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This Issue's Headlines:

MobilityTalks International Global Conference on Autonomous Driving and Vehicle Regulation Takes Place Jan. 23-25 with the Washington Auto Show MobilityTalks International, a global conference for public policy makers and regulators in the auto industry, will be held in conjunction with and precedes the 2018 Washington Auto Show. This year’s conference focuses on the status and future of autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles. The theme of this year’s MobilityTalks is “Freedom and the Automobile.”
Why GM Is So Bullish On The Future -- And Why You Should Believe It

General Motors expects its next-generation Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups to be significantly more profitable than today’s model, providing an earnings kick that will help fund its $1 billion-a-year investments in new mobility technologies like electric and autonomous vehicles while leaving billions more for shareholders.

Chinese Auto Maker Vows to Enter U.S. in Late 2019 Chinese automaker GAC says it will start selling cars in the U.S. in late 2019 and attend the National Automobile Dealers Association’s annual convention in March, presumably to recruit dealers.
Hyundai Motor Group Pledges 45,000 Hires, $22 Billion Investment Over 5 Years Teaser here
NADA Seminar: Advanced Parts Management -- Feb. 19-23 in Tysons, Va. Teaser here
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This Issue's Headlines:

Automakers Put on a Show in Detroit But Policy Storms Loom in D.C. New models soaked up the spotlight at the Detroit auto show this week but policy decisions coming from Washington in 2018 may do more to determine the health of the industry than anything since the industry’s U.S. bailout 10 years ago.
California-Trump Administration Fuel-Efficiency Talks Intensify California and the Trump administration will hold a series of new talks over fuel efficiency rules as the auto industry still hopes for a deal to retain nationwide requirements.
Car Bosses Give Lukewarm Endorsements to Their Own Electric Lineups Global automakers, rarely shy about marketing themselves with glitz and confidence, are noticeably more sober about how customers may react to their own upcoming electric vehicle lineups.
Ford CEO Jim Hackett Preaches Mobility to World Congress Teaser here
Detroit Auto Show: Cars Get Bigger to Compete with SUVs, Meet Demand for Roomier Interiors Teaser here
NADA Seminar: Advanced Parts Management -- Feb. 19-23 in Tysons, Va. Teaser here
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This Issue's Headlines:

China's GAC Sets U.S. Launch for '19, Will Recruit Dealers at NADA Convention

After years of teases and promises, China's Guangzhou Automotive Group announced firm plans to enter the U.S. market -- and it plans to recruit dealers at the upcoming NADA convention.

At Detroit Auto Show, Trucks and SUVs Take Center Stage

Car makers appealed to Americans' deep love of SUVs and trucks on Monday at the Detroit Auto Show, unveiling a host of choices from luxurious to utilitarian, while also beefing up the humble sedan.

The Debate Over Dealership Data: Coming to Your Statehouse Soon

Recently, the Automotive Trade Association Executives, which comprises 113 franchised new-car dealer associations in North America, working with NADA, has prioritized data integration. The association is looking at the future technology needs of dealers and consumers and is working to facilitate a resolution of other data-related issues in the various state legislatures in the coming months.

Nissan�s Munoz Forecasts Stable 2018 Sales Teaser here
Group 1 Automotive Awards Bonus to U.S. Dealership Employees Teaser here
U.S. Regulators to Seek More Input for Autonomous Rule Revisions Teaser here
Auto Shows are Booming and That�s Good for Business Teaser here
NADA Seminar: Advanced Parts Management -- Feb. 19-23 in Tysons, Va. Teaser here
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This Issue's Headlines:

International Leaders and World Debuts Headline AutoMobili-D Day One at NAIAS

NAIAS officially opened Sunday, kicking off its second annual AutoMobili-D with a pledge from U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to vigorously advance autonomous vehicles while ensuring safety, while Ford revealed the Ranger, Edge and the 50th anniversary version of the Mustang that Steve McQueen drove in the iconic movie “Bullitt.”

Ford, Chevy and Ram Unveil New Pickups: Why America Loves Them American families and workers are piling into pickups at a feverish rate, and automakers are responding with innovations and comfortable design packages that translate directly into profits.
Ford Goes �All In� on Electric Cars American families and workers are piling into pickups at a feverish rate, and automakers are responding with innovations and comfortable design packages that translate directly into profits.
Fiat Chrysler�s Marchionne: The Future of Cars Will Be Electric and Commoditized Teaser here
Experient is the 'Official' Booking Agent for Hotel Rooms at the NADA Show Teaser here
NADA Seminar: Advanced Parts Management Held Feb. 19-23 in Tysons, Va. Teaser here
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This Issue's Headlines:

N.J. Dealer Paying Workers Bonus Out of Tax Savings New Jersey dealer Steve Kalafer is paying $500 bonuses to each of his full-time employees in the wake of the recently passed federal tax-law changes.
Fiat Chrysler to Invest More Than $1 Billion in Michigan Plant and Give $2,000 Bonuses in Response to Tax Reform

Fiat Chrysler announced Thursday that it will up its investment in the United States and pay some of its employees special bonuses after the recent tax code overhaul.

Fear of NAFTA Collapse Seen as Factor in Move of Ram Production from Mexico Fiat Chrysler hailed the corporate tax cut as a big reason for investing $1 billion in its Warren Truck plant to build heavy duty Ram pickups now assembled in Mexico.
Video: Canada Seeks NAFTA Progress on Cars Amid Warnings Trump May Quit Teaser here
12 Must-See Cars, Trucks and SUVs Coming to Detroit's Auto Show Teaser here
39.5 Million Used-Car Sales Expected This Year Teaser here
NADA Seminar: Advanced Parts Management Held Feb. 19-23 in Tysons, Va. Teaser here
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In the past, auto dealerships were primarily focused on spending time and money to reach out to new customers. Special sales, TV commercials, radio advertising, and snazzy magazine ads dominated the auto sales scene. While these might be effective ways to snag new customers, they’re also a more expensive long-term business strategy. The constant hunt to bring new people through the front door costs as much as 5 to 8 times more than marketing to existing customers.

That cost matters — especially when nearly 65% of any company’s business comes from that existing customer base. With this realization, many auto dealerships have started to shift their efforts from customer conquest to customer retention, searching for ways to make their current customers happy and bring them back through the doors.

Many auto dealerships see their mission through one lens: find a strategy that piques the interest of new customers in order to bring them through the front doors. This strategy could be paying for clever TV or radio ads or throwing a tent sale extravaganza. Once they’ve grabbed the customer’s attention, they’ll usher them through what the dealership has to offer and hopefully sell them a new car. Rinse and repeat.

This works well as a short-term strategy, but over the long-term, the constant search for new customers can get expensive.

Garrett Motors has been a family-owned fixture in Coolidge, Arizona for over 80 years. Jim Garrett’s grandfather started the dealership back in the 1930s and today, you’ll find Jim, his wife, and his two sons minding the family store.

Business was good, but over the years, Garrett started to notice that customers were purchasing vehicles and disappearing — not returning for maintenance or repairs.

“We were losing a lot to the tire stores,” he said. As the only new car dealership in a small town, Garrett knew that the key to boosting business wasn’t to search for new customers; it was convincing previous customers to come back for oil changes and new tires. Determined to bring those customers back, he contacted Performance Administration Corp. to see how they could help.

In big cities, public transportation and taxi services have always played a role in getting people where they needed to go. With no room for parking and no need for long commutes, many city-dwellers have historically opted not to own a vehicle.

When ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber appeared on the scene, they expanded the big-city transport option. Unlike most taxi services that were based right in the middle of things, Uber drivers could live and operate anywhere — from the heart of the city all the way out into the far-flung corners of the suburbs. Auto dealerships raised their eyebrows at this. Would this be a flash in the pan? Could it negatively impact business?

Creating further worry, online-only car sales services like Carvana appeared, promising a straightforward car-buying experience that bypasses the dealership entirely. Fascinated with the idea of purchasing a car online and having it delivered the same way they would a washing machine, many customers have been eager to try this out.

No matter what kind of business you’re running, the day-to-day focus is pretty similar from one company to the next. On one hand, you’ve got to market and reach out to customers to bring them through your doors. This includes convincing new customers that you’re the best choice for the product or service they need, as well as reminding past customers why they chose you in the first place.

While all of this is happening, you're also working to provide the kind of quality and value that will build your reputation and create a thriving customer base.

With so much of your attention focused on the hamster wheel of customer attraction, retention, and service, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture: the overall value of your company.

When you sell a car, you’re selling more than a vehicle. In fact, an old adage in the car business goes, “When selling a car, you sell three things: yourself, the vehicle, and your dealership.”

BEIJING, January 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Enerkem Inc. (, een toonaangevende leider op het gebied van afval-tot-biobrandstof en producent van hernieuwbare chemicaliën, kondigde vandaag aan dat het een overeenkomst heeft afgesloten met de Sinobioway Group ter...

Kate Hudson, Chrissy Metz and Giuliana Rancic Sparkle in Forevermark Diamonds at the 2018 SAG AwardsLOS ANGELES, Jan.

read more DELHI y PUNE, India, January 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Panacea Biotec Ltd.

read more und PUNE, Indien, January 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Panacea Biotec Ltd.

read more DELHI et PUNE, Inde, January 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Panacea Biotec Ltd.

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BEIJING, China, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Enerkem Inc.

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