Nissan is slowing production at several North American assembly plants to keep the supply of vehicles on dealers' lots in check after being caught off guard by weaker consumer demand.

The Trump administration finally will tip its hand this week about how it intends to treat fuel efficiency rules in place for early next decade, but clear answers on potential changes likely will take several months.

The EPA has concluded that a landmark Obama-era effort to cut vehicle emissions is too aggressive and agrees with automakers that the standards should be revised, sources told Bloomberg.

In 1999, Wayne Huizenga made Mike Jackson an offer he couldn't refuse. Jackson recalls his relationship with the AutoNation founder in a conversation with Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein.

Toyota is adding a host of new technology and safety features to the redesigned 2019 Corolla hatchback , which will be introduced at the New York auto show this month.

Fiat Chrysler dealers learned in their make meeting Friday that the long anticipated Jeep Wrangler-based pickup the automaker is working on should be in showrooms by next April.

The statistics show that when a consumer begins the car purchasing process, they spend 59 percent of that time researching vehicles online. This is why it’s so important that every dealership have a robust online presence — from an attractive website that’s easy to navigate to an active presence on social media.

Consumers are going to use more than your website and manufacturer’s websites to do their research, however. They’re also going to look for vehicle specs, prices, and reviews on sites like AutoTrader. The company recently announced that they’re revamping their website. Rather than being a digital disruptor that competes with auto dealerships, it looks as though the new AutoTrader features will help boost business. Here are some of the things we’re looking forward to seeing as AutoTrader rolls out its changes.

It looks as though car sales may be in a slump. The Wall Street Journal Market Data Report shows that in January 2018, sales of many types of new car sales were down from one year before. These numbers don’t come as a surprise. Last December, USA Today predicted that 2017 would mark the first full-year decline in auto sales since the Great Recession.

No matter what industry you’re in, every business owner struggles with figuring out the most effective way to advertise to the public. Advertising isn’t just an effective strategy to attract the attention of new customers; it also helps remind previous customers of why they chose your dealership in the first place.

In the past, auto dealerships were primarily focused on spending time and money to reach out to new customers. Special sales, TV commercials, radio advertising, and snazzy magazine ads dominated the auto sales scene. While these might be effective ways to snag new customers, they’re also a more expensive long-term business strategy. The constant hunt to bring new people through the front door costs as much as 5 to 8 times more than marketing to existing customers.

That cost matters — especially when nearly 65% of any company’s business comes from that existing customer base. With this realization, many auto dealerships have started to shift their efforts from customer conquest to customer retention, searching for ways to make their current customers happy and bring them back through the doors.

Many auto dealerships see their mission through one lens: find a strategy that piques the interest of new customers in order to bring them through the front doors. This strategy could be paying for clever TV or radio ads or throwing a tent sale extravaganza. Once they’ve grabbed the customer’s attention, they’ll usher them through what the dealership has to offer and hopefully sell them a new car. Rinse and repeat.

This works well as a short-term strategy, but over the long-term, the constant search for new customers can get expensive.

Garrett Motors has been a family-owned fixture in Coolidge, Arizona for over 80 years. Jim Garrett’s grandfather started the dealership back in the 1930s and today, you’ll find Jim, his wife, and his two sons minding the family store.

Business was good, but over the years, Garrett started to notice that customers were purchasing vehicles and disappearing — not returning for maintenance or repairs.

“We were losing a lot to the tire stores,” he said. As the only new car dealership in a small town, Garrett knew that the key to boosting business wasn’t to search for new customers; it was convincing previous customers to come back for oil changes and new tires. Determined to bring those customers back, he contacted Performance Administration Corp. to see how they could help.

2018 NADA Convention and Exposition
“The used-car market is the perfect opportunity to tap into modern analytics,” says Jonathan Banks, J.D. Power’s vice president-valuations and analytics.

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Reid Bigland, FCA's head of US sales, says the company is perfectly positioned for the products that people want. He also is very bullish on the economy. And he runs through all the reasons why FCA should have a great sales year.

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People love buying a new car but hate how long it takes to do all the paperwork. eLead One has a unique way to streamline the process. And it says it can help dealers boost profit margins by capturing more service work.

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Car Gurus is an online car-shopping site that attracts 24 million visitors a month. It's the largest site of its kind in the American market, and is now expanding overseas. What's driving the growth? COO Sam Zales says it all has to do with transparency.

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The metal license plate was invented 120 years ago and hasn't changed much since. Reviver invented an electronic license plate which is now legal in a number of states, with more on the way. It offers a lot more benefits than you might think, as Allan Cooper explains.

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2018 NADA Convention and Exposition
“Ask any dealer here, and they’ll say 16.7 million is a good year,” economist Patrick Manzi says.

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